Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mini Kit # 08

Well, I've been playing again
this time I made a mini purple kit,
Its only 2.8 MB, which is not mu usual
but I'm trying to go out of my safe zone
Download it here:

I'm gratefull for all your great comments about my work

some other thing, I checked all the links of all previous kits, and they are all working
If you have any problems send me an email and I'll send you the link again

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A new look

Oh boy, I started to give the blog a whole new look
I got tired of having the original layout,
so now I began redisgning it
first I made it into a 3 three column layout
that way I can have more space

I need now to work in the graphics
only white is NOT for me

Well, we'll see what I can come up with

Second, and it should have come first,
I want to thank you for the lovely emails and comments I got
they really made my day
and they mean the world to me
Thank you

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kit # 07

Well, I made a new Kit,
I'm rather fond of this one,
Its only 16.6 MB so its in one parts
Download it from

I'm so happy about the comments about my kit
and I'd love to see the layouts where they are used
Just email the layout to me and I'll showcase them here

also if anyone is intrested in exchanging blog links
Just drop me a line.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kit # 06

Long time since I posted anything,
anyway here is a black & white paperpack,
I hope to start on a new kit soon
Size is a little over 7 MB
Download it from :

All comments are welcome
I just love reading what people write
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Some Ramplings

I feel like a very bad blogger,
I'm not updating this blog daily as I first entended, but I'm just can't,
I don't feel up to writting much, I'm not up to anything much these days.
I'll get started on a new one today, god willing.

Remember I said I'll make some layouts about my trip to Istanbul,
I did, they will be my next post, I also made a LO for my mom and another for another baby neice (Not Dania this time)

I keep following the number of downloads of my previous kits, and from what I see, the most downloaded are Kit # 1 and Kit # 3
they are the No Parts kits, I think I must remember that when doing another one, people prefer to download just one file to get the whole kit, and size does matter.

Also the idea of Mini kits is quite appealling to me these day, I mean I share my kits in Yahoo groups, and most of them use scrap kits to design tags, so they don't really need the huge sizes.
I think I'm over thinking everything LOL

Till next time..............

Friday, July 14, 2006

Some Dania Layouts

I made a few layouts of the picture I got of Dania (my Cousin's Daughter)
I still have not meet lil miss Dania in person, she was born in Kuwait,
I believe they will come in September or October, I can't wait to see her.

These LO were made when I had no DSL,
and since I now have DSL I'm posting them
I'm pretty new to making layouts, so all comments will be appreciated

LO # 1 - Beautiful Dania
Materials by DoziBaer From DoziBaer

LO #2 - Dania & Grandma
Materials By Me - Kit # 2

LO # 3 - The Day Dania Was Born
Kit Bubble Gum Machine By Angie Briggs From ScrapArtist


LO # 4 - Dania
Kit Casual Collection By Christie Putz From ScrapArtist

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

About my trip to Istanbul and some rampling

Ok, I just realized I did not write anything about my trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I really enjoyed it, its such a nice country, the weather was almost the same as the one we have in Egypt, and I really enjoyed the sights there.

I already started on editing some of the pictures I took there, they were not as much as I planned, about 300 , which is too few if you know me when I hold a camera, but i was busy enjoying myself to remember to take pictures.

I'm already making some layouts using the pictures, and I have to remember to scan some from the books I got too, they will be nice to use to add extra info on the places I went to as well.

My DSL is supposed to be activated this week, I can't wait for that, I can't get enough time to post here while at work.

Why did I not go NoMail in my Yahoo tube groups while in vacation????????? I have about 3 GB of mail in several Gmail accounts waiting to be downloaded, with no DSL to download them :( , why did I do this to myself, the silly thing is, I can't get myself to delete any of them without first seeing them, so I have to wait for my DSL, D/L the mail, then hit delete on the ones I don't want, Greed will kill me.

I got some nice comments on my work, which I really enjoyed, and the number of downloads is great, I think thats why I prefer 4shared to anyother share site, I get the chance to see the number of downloads of each kit in the same page which gives me a hint on what i did good and what not, and considering the number of days the kit is out there I'd say Kit # 2 was not well liked.

Anyway, I'll try to finish the pictures and the layouts soon, and I'll post them here, I also have several other pictures to play with, those of Layal and Dania to scrap, I just need to either find or create a kit suitable for baby girls.